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    The TP53 Website - The TP53 Cell Line compendium

    The p53 Mutations in Cell Lines compendium. The p53 Mutations in Cell Lines compendium is a novel and original application that provides an ID card for each cell line included in the UMD TP53 database. The current version includes 2,000 and 500 cell lines with mutant TP53 and wild-type TP53 respectively.

    Colorectal Cancer Atlas | Home :: Colon Atlas .

    Pathway data from Reactome, NCI, Cell map and HumanCyc Protein-protein interactions from BioGRID and HPRD Gene Ontology data from Entrez Gene The compendium encompasses sequence variants and proteins identified in more than 179 colorectal cancer cell lines …

    Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia — Five Key Discoveries .

    The idea of a large scale drug treatment dataset was brought to fruition in 2012 with the publication of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia, which collected data on nearly 1000 human tumor cell lines, cancer …

    Databases and Datasets - ICLAC

    A immortal human cell line cell that has the characteristics: Human cell line derived from metastasis of cancer occurred in oral cavity, the same patient as T3M-1 Clone2 and T3M-1 Cl-10. CL11 Human lung adenocarcinoma cell line.

    cancer cell line database,

    Cancer Biology - Tumor Biology Research | MD Anderson .

    Welcome to MD Anderson's Cancer Biology department. Our department has a long history of being a leader in the field of basic and translational cancer biology research. The department emphasizes the training of students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows in the fundamentals of tumor biology to improve the outcomes of patients with malignancies.

    Broad Institute Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE)

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    Pharmacogenomic agreement between two cancer cell line .

    Nov 16, 2015· In this Analysis, Levi Garraway and colleagues provide a reassessment of the data in the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia and the Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer databases.

    NCI-60 Human Tumor Cell Lines Screen

    The NCI-60 Human Tumor Cell Lines Screen has served the global cancer research community for >20 years. The screen was implemented in fully operational form in 1990 and utilizes 60 different human tumor cell lines to identify and characterize novel compounds with growth inhibition or killing of tumor cell lines.

    GENT : Gene Expression across Normal and Tumor tissue

    GENT (Gene Expression across Normal and Tumor tissue) is a web-accessible database which provides gene expression patterns across diverse human cancer and normal tissues. More than 34000 samples, profiled by Affymetrix U133A or U133plus2 platforms, are consistently processed and combined into two large-size data sets, facilitating the identification of cancer outliers over-expressed only in a .

    Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) · The CGC Knowledge .

    This means that while you while you cannot upload data or tools to the project or execute any of the workflows contained within it, you can copy the available data, tools, and workflows to your own projects on the Platform and execute analyses in your own projects.nnYou have the options to:nn * [Use the entire project](#section-use-the .

    Cell-lines - IARC TP53 Database

    IARC TP53 Database: knowledgebase and statistical tools for the analysis of TP53 gene mutations in human cancers

    The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive .

    Mar 28, 2012· The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia presents the first results from a large-scale screen of some 947 cancer cell lines with 24 anticancer drugs, with the aim of identifying specific genomic .

    Experiment < Expression Atlas < EMBL-EBI

    EMBL-EBI Expression Atlas, an open public repository of gene expression pattern data under different biological conditions . RNA-seq of 934 human cancer cell lines from the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia RNA-Seq mRNA baseline. . 22460905 (Filter by genes in paper) Raw Data Provider: NIH Genomic Data …

    Databases and Datasets - ICLAC

    Databases and Datasets ICLAC Register of Misidentified Cell Lines. This resource lists cell lines that are currently known to be cross-contaminated or otherwise misidentified, and is curated by the International Cell Line Authentication Committee. The dataset …

    Cancer Program Scientific Tools and Resources | Broad .

    You may have been redirected here from the Broad Cancer Program Resource Gateway, which is no longer active. Please see below for a partial list of resources or refer to the list of cancer-related Data, Software and Tools. Cancer Dependency Map. CCLE (Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia) CCLF (Cancer Cell Line Factory) Drug Repurposing Hub PRISM .

    CellExpress: a comprehensive microarray-based cancer cell .

    Jan 12, 2018· Introduction. Cell lines play an important role as a model for conducting biological experiments and developing new therapies in cancer studies (1, 2).Theoretically, cancer cell lines show similar phenotypic features to their parental cells; however, the immortalization steps of a cell line may make the genes related to proliferation and control of the cell …

    CellLineNavigator: a workbench for cancer cell line analysis

    Oct 31, 2012· In summary, CellLineNavigator is the first database providing comprehensive summary, display and analysis options for gene expression data of the most commonly used cancer cell lines. It provides access to large microarray data sets without advanced bioinformatics skills.

    Cell Lines | Thermo Fisher Scientific - US

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    GEMICCL : Gene Expression and Mutation In Cancer Cell Line

    However, proper choice of cell lines for experimental purposes is often difficult because genotype and/or expression data are missing or scattered in diverse resources. GEMiCCL (Gene Expression and Mutations in Cancer Cell Lines) is an online database of human cancer cell lines that provides genotype and expression information.

    CellMinerCDB for Integrative Cross-Database Genomics and .

    ) have expanded to span ∼1,400 cancer cell lines. Each database provides a readily available resource for translational research, and proposals have been advanced to further enrich them to over 10,000 cancer cell lines for better coverage of tumor type diversity

    Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia - Ma'ayan Laboratory

    The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia is a database of gene expression, genotype, and drug sensitivity data for human cancer cell lines. Citation(s) Barretina, J et al. (2012) The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive modelling of anticancer drug sensitivity.

    Cell lines - Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer

    Release v90 (5 September 2019) includes important changes. Please check the variant updates page for details.

    cancer cell line database,

    Mutant KRAS Cell Lines - National Cancer Institute

    Cancer Cell Lines with Mutant KRAS Genes The heterogeneity of human cancers is a major obstacle to developing therapies. One way of dealing with that heterogeneity is to test large numbers of patient-derived cell lines …

    CancerDR: Cancer Drug Resistance Database

    CancerDR is a database of 148 anticancer drugs and their effectiveness against around 1000 cancer cell lines. Pharmacological profiling of these anticancer drugs were collected from CCLE and COSMIC databases. CancerDR coveres 116 drug targets correspond to these anticancer drugs and provide the comprehensive information about these targets such .

    Is there a database to find out which genes are expressed .

    Is there a database to find out which genes are expressed in which cell lines? I'd like to find gene expression data for a few different primary cell lines. Is there an online tool or database .

    Syngeneic Cell Line Reference Database - taconic

    112 · Syngeneic Cell Line Reference Database Taconic Biosciences' inbred mice and GEMs on …

    CellMiner - Home - National Institutes of Health

    CellMiner™ is a web application generated by the Genomics & Bioinformatics Group, LMP, CCR, NCI that facilitates systems biology through the retrieval and integration of the molecular and pharmacological data sets for the NCI-60 cell lines. The NCI-60, a panel of 60 diverse human cancer cell lines used by the Developmental Therapeutics Program of the U.S. National Cancer Institute to screen .

    Cell lines database - The TP53 Website - The TP53 Web Site

    Cell lines database. p53 mutations in cell lines. The hanbook of p53 mutation in cell lines . Cell lines with a controversial p53 status . The NCI 60 panel. Bladder cancer cell lines . Brain cancer cell lines . Breast cancer cell lines . Cervical carcinoma. Colorectal cancer cell lines . Esophageal cancer cell lines. Gastric cancer cell lines .

    ATCC Cell Lines

    ATCC has created gene mutation lists based on the ATCC tumor cell line collection and known mutation information maintained in the Sanger Institute COSMIC database. Human Primary Cells The ATCC Primary Cell collection includes quality primary cells, along with the media, reagents, and relevant information needed to support the successful culture of primary cells.

    DepMap: The Cancer Dependency Map Project at Broad Institute

    This portal provides easy access to harmonized data created at the Broad Institute and elsewhere, including: Omics data from the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) Genetic dependency data from Broad's Project Achilles; Small-molecule sensitivity data …

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